This page lists non-fiction articles on various aspects of history, lifestyle and culture. These essays have come out of the research for my historical novels, and most relate to British history in the post-Roman, pre-Norman Conquest period (5th to 11th centuries AD), or to medieval and Renaissance British history.

I have grouped them into historical articles, which should be of interest to people with a general interest in the topic, and essays that give specific background to my novels.

I'll add more essays from time to time as the content builds up. You can see the latest additions in the 'What's New' panel on the Home page as they are added, or you can subscribe to our RSS feed.

If you have any comments, if you disagree with me, or think I have missed something or misinterpreted it, or want to add something, suggest something or ask a question, please contact me. I like to hear from you.

Historical articles on Anglo-Saxon England

Historical articles on early medieval Britain

General historical articles

Historical fiction in general

Specific background to my novels